Cat tree for comfortable environment

Cats are more than pets- they are part of the family. Hence it is only right that they are given the comfortable surroundings that they deserve. A cat tree is the ideal fit for providing the cat with a friendly and homely atmosphere, without affecting our home. Moreover, if you have dogs or children, having a cat tree will also serve as a refuge for your cat. It teaches the children that when the cat is on the tree, he does not want to be disturbed and can be played with when he gets down the tree.

Right location for the cat tree

When you have bought the best cat tree for your cats, you should next consider where you want to place it. A good option is to place the tree near a window so that your cat will be able to look outside the window to take a look at what’s happening outside. However, if you don’t think that the cat tree is an ideal fit and plan to put it in unused places, it will tend to gather dust. Hence finding the best location for the tree is important as it should appeal to the cat and make it want to climb on it.

Beyond cat trees

Though a cat tree might be the ideal option to increase the vertical territory for the cat in your house, there are some other ways also to do this.

  • All cats enjoy bird watching. So the presence of window perches will give the cats the opportunity to do just that. The best part is that it is inexpensive also!
  • If your cat is old and suffers from stiff joints and arthritis, you could also install heated window perches to help them enjoy the view without affecting their physical condition.
  • Cats enjoy taking cosy naps. Hence if there are elevated locations, you can place their bed there for some comfortable sleep hours.
  • Cat walks and cat stairs are some of the other ways to increase the vertical territory for the cat. This is especially suitable for small environments where it is not possible to have a cat tree.

If you are creative, you could also make your own shelf and walkways for your cat. But ensure that you use non-slip material on the surface in order to avoid slippery claws. If you have many cats, it is also best to have stairways in more than one location to ensure that the cats aren’t trapped on a shelf;

Before buying the essentials for your car, take a look at your environment and evaluate if your will be happy with the extra vertical territory that you are going to give him. With some handy techniques and measures, you will be able to make the vertical territory bigger for the cat. The entire purpose of increasing the vertical territory is to provide the cats with an environment which makes them secure and comfortable. It also makes for a fun home to live in.

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